Mandy Cooper, Owner Operator

Travis Cooper, Operating Partner

Hello! Throughout my time in the restaurant, both as a Director and later as a spouse co-operating a franchise in Southern California, I was always moved by the Chick-fil-A’s emphasis on mission above profits and how ordinary people could see their lives changed through the unique opportunities Chick-fil-A provides. Developing & coaching others on how to strive for excellence and how to unlock undiscovered potential is my passion. Being a part of an organization that finds joy in putting people first, is what I strive to achieve everyday. -)) company’s vision to flourish and the individual to grow closer to their vocation


Kellie McGuillicudy, Executive Director Leadership & Development

Andie Guerrero, Executive Business Director

Hello! My name is Andie and I am the Executive Business Director for both locations. I began working at Chick-fil-A Northridge in 2012. It has been an absolute pleasure being able to serve our team as well as the community. At Chick-fil-A Northridge we strive on ensure our restaurant is a home away from home -for our guest and team members. 

 Luke Yanes, Executive Director Facilities & Equipment


Hello! My name is Luke and I'm the Executive Director of Facilities & Equipment for both of our locations. My Chick-fil-A Career began in 2018 as a front counter team member, serving our guests on the front lines. Before that I worked for five years in construction management, that prior working knowledge helped me prepare for my current role. Where I now serve our team and guests in a more behind the scenes approach by ensuring our facilities and equipment are in the best possible operational condition!

N O R T H R I D G E   E S T . 2 0 1 1 

Jessica Sanchez, Executive Director Chick-fil-A Northridge


 I have been with the Chick-fil-A Northridge family for almost 9 years. I am currently serving as the Executive Director. In this role I am able to work closely with all of our directors to help keep Chick-fil-A Northridge the best it can be! I truly value creating a welcoming experience for our team members and guests. My favorite thing about my job is being a part of a team that gets to impact the community in which we live each and every day!

Jackie Sanchez, Training Director Chick-fil-A Northridge

Hello! My name is Jackie and I am the Training Director at Chick-fil-A Northridge. I have been a part of our Chick-fil-A family since 2015. I am currently attending California State University, Northridge and majoring in Liberal Studies. In the future I want to be a Teacher. One of the many passion I have is helping others. Being able to coach others and unlock undiscovered potential. One of my favorite parts of working for Chick-fil-A Northridge is helping our team realize their potential. My goal is to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all our team members. 

Ivanna Nunez, Marketing Supervisor Chick-fil-A Northridge

Hi there! I am the Marketing Supervisor at Chick-fil-A Northridge. I have been a part of the Chick-fil-A family since 2015. I am a graduate from California State University Northridge were I majored in Communication Studies. I have always been passionate about Social Media and Events, I love being able to make connections with our Community through these channels. My goal to uphold our store vision of being a home away from home by ensuring our guests are always welcomed into our restaurant. 

David Montoya, Operations Director PM Chick-fil-A Northridge

Hi! My David and I am the Director of Operations at Chick-fil-A Northridge. I have had the privilege of serving the Northridge 2014. I enjoy working at Chick-fil-A because it give me the opportunity to serve our community has been my home away from home. Being able to work with our amazing team members and making an impact in our community. 

D E V O N S H I R E  &  R E S E D A   E S T . 2 0 1 8

Lindsay Bankhart, Executive Director Chick-fil-A Devonshire & Reseda


Jaelle Engel, Training Director Chick-fil-A Devonshire & Reseda

Hey there! I am the Training Director at the Chick-fil-A Devonshire and Reseda location. I have been incredibly blessed to be a part of this team since January of 2018. Training and developing our team has become a genuine passion of mine over the years. I love getting to welcome new team members to our team and making sure they feel supported, excited, and set up for success as they learn everything about working at Chick-fil-A! I am so grateful for this job and the amazing people I get to work with. They truly inspire me to be a better Training Director. My goal is to inspire our team to continually pursue growth, humility, and excellence for our guests, our team, and for ourselves individually. 

Hailly Vaca, Marketing Supervisor Chick-fil-A Devonshire & Reseda

Hi there! I am the Marketing Supervisor at Chick-fil-A Devonshire. I have been a part of the Chick-fil-A family since 2018. I love being able to make connections with our community through my work. Catering to our community is one of the biggest roles that I am grateful to do. One of my favorite days is Cow Appreciation Day because I love seeing our community come out and spend quality time together at our restaurant.

Kaylyn Pimentel, Director of Operations AM Chick-fil-A Northridge

Hannah Moreira, Human Resources Chick-fil-A 

Hi! My name is Hannah and I am currently studying Business Administration at California State University, Northridge. I truly enjoy working for Chick-fil-A Northridge because of the amazing people. I also love working with my fellow team members and getting to know our guests as well as understanding the business aspect of our company. I am truly blessed to be a part of such an amazing organization like Chick-fil-A Northridge. 

Allison Swales, Operations Director PM Chick-fil-A Devonshire & Reseda

Hello, I am Director of Operations at Chick-fil-A Devonshire & Reseda. I have had the blessing of working here for 5 years and get to live out my passion of developing people daily. Over the years I have watched my team bring positive light to the community around us and live out our vision of being a home away from home. Each day we look for new ways to improve not just our business but ourselves as individuals. My goal is to coach a team that continues to grow together, overcome obstacles, and serve one another in humility. 


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